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Broken Yet Fearless 

  • Breakdown4:55
  • Runaway5:13
  • Drag Me Down3:52
  • Faded Fallen4:26
  • Finding Grey in the Black4:04
  • Honesty4:37
  • Stand3:31
  • Take My Hand5:58
  • The Unseen5:30

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​​​An unmistakable sound and an arsenal of versatile music gets the crowd hooked when Amongst the Fearless takes the stage. High powered performances and crowd pleasing performances is what keeps them craving more. ATF has made club heads all over Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas stand up and take notice, and they aren’t sitting down anytime soon. Amongst the Fearless has now become a rock band reality.  ATF's passion, unique style and energy got people listening and they have been rocking the music scene non-stop.  Boasting a repertoire of sounds from metal core to rock, and sporting their signature sound, ATF is redefining the 21st century for rock music. Their undeniable stage presence won them fans all across Texas and  they have rocked hundreds of screaming fans. Today you can find Amongst the Fearless playing at some of the most exclusive nightclubs and venues, a scene that they dominated within eight months of arrival to the rock scene. It's their confidence, distinctive style, and insane skill set that enables ATF to build lasting relationships with their audiences.  Amongst the Fearless will be taking their talent on tour across the United States in the near future.  All club goers who get a chance to rock with Amongst the Fearless are in for an unforgettable experience.

Album Artwork: Kiersten Craft




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